Welcome to The FeedBack


Welcome to The FeedBack: A new and unique website which aims to do one thing: Put politics in context.
Our team of writers strive to provide readers with the background to the political developments which you see in the news every day. Our articles take topical stories and discuss historical factors, related events and other fascinating details.

If you’re interested in politics; The FeedBack is for you. If you’re passionate about history; The FeedBack is for you.

The FeedBack is run by a small group of independent students in the UK. Our goal is to inform the public on the foundations of the world around us, whilst enlightening them on current political affairs in a comprehensive manner.

If you enjoy reading The FeedBack, don’t hesitate to share our articles with your friends on Social Media.
Have something to say? We read all of our readers’ comments; let your voice be heard!
Or get in touch at The-FeedBack@outlook.com

Find us on Facebook at TheFeedBackUK or on Twitter @TheFeedBackUK

The FeedBack is a proud non-profit and any revenue is reinvested into the website. As such, we welcome support from the community. Any money that we receive will be spent promoting and expanding the website so that we can give everyone access to our articles.

If you kindly choose to support us, please contact us using our email: The-FeedBack@outlook.com


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