April 28th

On this day in 1945, Italian “Father of Fascism”, Benito Mussolini died.


Founder of the Fascist Revolutionary Party known as “Partito Fascista Rivoluzionario” or the PFR in 1915, according to Mussolini himself, which later became the National Fascist Party or Partito Nazionale Fascista, after poor election results in 1919. Following this, he led the March on Rome in 1922, which led to Mussolini becoming Prime Minister and dictator of Italy up until 1943 when he was arrested and his regime dismantled. But Benito Mussolini had solidified himself as the longest running Fascist leader in history.

Il Duce, as he was known by the members of his party, was famed for his partnership with Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler during WWII, which is what ultimately saw Mussolini to his downfall. He was arrested and proceeded to be executed by Italian Communist Partisans in 1943, aged 61.

Italy has come a long way since 1943. It is now under a Constitutional Republic with a multi-party system, doing so after 1946 with the abolition of the Monarchy as a result of a popular referendum. Showing that the power is truly back with the people, and Italy has more than moved on from its Fascist history.


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