May 6th

On May 6th, 1937, the LZ 129 Hindenburg, a German passenger airship, was destroyed whilst docking in New Jersey, USA.

hindenburg disaster 2

hindenburg disasterAt 7:30 am, whilst the hydrogen-filled LZ 129 was docking it exploded into flames and plummeted to the earth. Some time earlier, some of the ships’ fuel had ignited and it quickly spread before engulfing the airship. This event, which later became known as the ‘Hindenburg disaster‘, resulted in 36 fatalities; 23 of whom were crew or staff operating the airship. The cause of this accident has remained uncertain, with investigators proposing that the spark which ignited the fuel was a build up of static electricity and speculators suggesting that the disaster was a result of sabotage.

The Hindenburg disaster has gone down in history and pop culture, most probably due to the stunning newsreel which captured the event as it happened. The clips, narrated by Herbert Morrison, are also the source of the famous words “Oh, the humanity!“;


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