July 5th

On this day in 1945, Britain held a postwar general election which saw Labour leader Clement Attlee enter 10 Downing Street by the end of the month with his party winning its first ever parliamentary majority.


May 24th

On May 24th 1995, Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister 1964-70 and 1974-76 died of cancer. Wilson was a political, economic and social moderniser who sought to advance Britain through his championing of technocratic education. This quote from one of Britain’s great statesmen goes a long way in capturing how we move forward from the last…

May 21st

On May 21st, 1851, Léon Bourgeois was born – a man who went on to become the 49th Prime Minister of France and the first President of the League of Nations.

May 9th

On May 9th 1921 German student activist Sophie Scholl was born. Scholl was to be executed by the Nazis at only 21 years of age for her activity within the White Rose resistance group. Sophie Scholl was born in Forchtenburg am Kocher to the liberal mayor and Nazi critic Robert Scholl. Whilst attending the Nazi League…

March 5th

On this day in 1946, Winston Churchill delivered his famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech at Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri. Often regarded as the official opening of the Cold War, Churchill used his oratory skills to condemn Soviet expansion into Eastern Europe on a platform alongside US President Harry Truman. Somewhat puzzling was the fact that such…