June 6th

On this day in 1920, the German Republic held its 2nd ever democratic federal election. Set in a time of political instability and economic uncertainty, the election had a profound impact on politics in Weimar Germany and set the pace for the rest of its duration.

May 22nd

On May 22nd 1939, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini signed the “Pact of Steel”, a military alliance between Germany and Italy. This set in stone Rome-Berlin Axis, which alongside the Japanese took on the Allied Forces (and lost) in World War II. Initially the “Pact of Blood” (although Mussolini coined the new name due to internal…

May 21st

On May 21st, 1851, Léon Bourgeois was born – a man who went on to become the 49th Prime Minister of France and the first President of the League of Nations.

May 20th

On May 20th, 1882, the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Kingdom of Italy was formed. The Triplice ensured mutual support, should a member of the alliance be attacked by another great power.

May 10th

  On this day in 1936, Manuel Azaña was elected as the second president of the Spanish Second Republic. Following the election of the Popular Front alliance into government, the rise of Azaña to the presidency, replacing the conservative politician Zamora, consolidated the swing of Spanish politics back towards the left of the political spectrum;…

May 9th

On May 9th 1921 German student activist Sophie Scholl was born. Scholl was to be executed by the Nazis at only 21 years of age for her activity within the White Rose resistance group. Sophie Scholl was born in Forchtenburg am Kocher to the liberal mayor and Nazi critic Robert Scholl. Whilst attending the Nazi League…

May 8th

On May 8th 1919 Australian soldier and journalist Edward George Honey suggested a period of silence on Armistice Day to commemorate lives in World War One. The two minutes silence on November the 11th is now a popularised tradition across the Commonwealth which remembers the fatalities of world conflict. Honey made his suggestion (coincidentally on…