July 5th

On this day in 1945, Britain held a postwar general election which saw Labour leader Clement Attlee enter 10 Downing Street by the end of the month with his party winning its first ever parliamentary majority.


May 5th

On May 5th, 1926, the British government issued the order to the Boards of Guardians to refuse relief to strikers. The context of this decision was the General Strike of 1926, in which the Trade Union Congress approved a strike of all unionised workers across the rail, transport, mining and shipping industries.

May 4th

On May 4th, 1979, the results of the previous day’s general election revealed a Conservative majority in the House of Commons. Subsequently, Margaret Thatcher formed a government, initiating a premiership which would last over a decade.

April 27th

Today, 23 years ago, the first general election was held in South Africa in which people were not excluded from the franchise based on race, bringing an end to white minority rule and seeing Nelson Mandela become the nation’s first President.

Why You Must Vote…

Voting has been a hard fought – and often overlooked – privilege in this country. The sacrifice of those who fought in the British Civil War in the 17th century, opposed corrupt candidates in rotten boroughs in the 18th century, challenged for greater democratic inclusion in the 19th century or secured equality for women in the 20th century should not be forgotten, and it should encourage you to use your vote.

April 2nd

On this day in 1982, Argentina invaded the British territory of the Falkland Islands. The Falkland Islands, situated just off the coast of Argentina, had become a focal point of tension between Britain and Argentina with competing claims to sovereignty persisting since Britain first gained control of the Islands in 1833. ‘Operation Rosario’ began with…

March 13th

On this day in 1781, William Herschel discovered realise that what he initially thought was a comet was, in fact, Uranus, which he would name after the ruling monarch King George.