2017, another 1923? UK Snap Election on the Cards

Mid-morning on 18th of April, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she was seeking a snap general election on the 8th of June. But snap elections are nothing new to Britain, as the nation has hosted more than 7 in the last 90 years alone.


April 5th

On this day in 2009, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea/DPRK) launched a rocket carrying the Kwangmyŏngsŏng-2 satellite in an attempt to place it into low Earth orbit.

March 25th

On this day in 1807 the Slave Trade Act came into force, abolishing the Slave Trade in the British Empire.  The bill was introduced by Charles James Fox who had led the government as part of the Fox-North coalition of the late 18th century and died before it was granted Royal Assent from King George III. It also…

February 11th

On February 11th, 1531, King Henry VIII of England became recognised as Supreme Head of the Church of England. This event, a key moment of the English Reformation, was a result of a conflict between Henry and the Pope, arising from the issue of divorce.