May 16th

On This Day in 1868, Lincoln’s successor President Andrew Johnson escaped being removed from office by the Senate by one vote after being impeached by the House of Representatives for allegedly violating the Tenure of Office Act 1867 by removing Secretary of War Edward Stanton from his cabinet.


Why You Must Vote…

Voting has been a hard fought – and often overlooked – privilege in this country. The sacrifice of those who fought in the British Civil War in the 17th century, opposed corrupt candidates in rotten boroughs in the 18th century, challenged for greater democratic inclusion in the 19th century or secured equality for women in the 20th century should not be forgotten, and it should encourage you to use your vote.

February 19th

On This Day in 1893, New Zealand became the first self-governing nation to give women the vote. To commemorate the anniversary of women being recognised as sentient human beings, we here at the FeedBack felt it appropriate to look at when other nations gave women the vote, and which still, to this day, deny them it.